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Dear Therapist,

You’ve worked for years to become the best therapist you can be. You’ve worked at some agency jobs, had hours and hours of clinical supervision, passed a licensure exam and have taken the bold step to build a private practice.

Learning how to run a small business was just one more thing for you to tackle in pursuit of your dream to be your own boss, and now all of the pieces of your dream have fallen into place.

Now, as you continue to hone your skills and grow your practice, the isolation and lack of a community of colleagues is beginning to take its toll.

You’ve looked for ways to find colleagues to connect with. You’ve observed, or even personally had, some bad experiences in FB groups for therapists, and have been taken aback by the way clinicians sometimes treat each other.

Then, with 2020 came so much turmoil and unrest. You feel even more isolated but don’t want to open yourself up to colleagues whose values and goals do not align with yours. You’re hopeful there’s a community out there to join with you on your journey as a clinician, and a human being, so you can get the safe, intimate connection you crave.

You know you need to find a way to get trustworthy, helpful peer consultation with other clinicians with the focus being on supporting each other and creating a place of benevolence to establish trust and to build each other up.

Oasis for Therapists: Peer Consultation Groups are the way for you to go from isolated, distrusting and alone to becoming the confident clinician, business owner and human being you strive to be!

Why Peer Groups

So many therapists working in private practice are finding the joys of owning their own business.

Nothing beats being your own boss…am I right?!?

Over time though, many therapists begin to realize there is an important missing piece in solo or online work. It’s a sense of connection with colleagues. This can lead to a sense of loneliness, insecurity in your clinical skills over time, fear of litigation when there is no one to review difficult cases with, and even losing the passion you previously felt doing the work you love.

Knowing there were so many other therapists out there facing similar challenges, I created a program to help fully licensed therapists get connected with a curated group of peers.

Members of this program are assigned to a peer consultation group formed especially for you. I personally interview each member to determine your clinical needs, areas of interest and preferences for your group.

These are closed groups of 6-8 clinicians who commit to meet twice a month for a minimum of 6 months. I facilitate each group and provide training and resources specific to presenting cases and documenting the consultations you receive. This program includes the Peace of Mind packet to make sure you’ve covered all of the things for your difficult cases.

I want to help bring clinicians together to get the most out of their clinical work, whether they are solo practitioners, part of a group practice or doing agency work.

Enrollment is now OPEN! To get more info about the program and pricing,
please click below:

The groups have been fantastic! It is amazing to share experience and expertise in various areas with clinicians across the country. I appreciate your encouragement to join early as I start private practice. Thankful for the additional level of support, encouragement, and knowledge that is shared!

Jennifer Lusinger, LCSW

About Jeanene

I am an LCSW in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I’ve been a successful solo practitioner and business owner for 4 years. I’ve been working in the therapy world for more than 25 years. 

Early on in my career, I discovered how much I love doing group work. Then I discovered that doing group work with other therapists is even better. I enjoy seeing a group come together, become cohesive, develop trust, and see members lift each other up and give honest feedback to their colleagues. 

I have worked in agencies doing work such as medical social work with a pediatric hospice, crisis intervention and support for families infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, individual therapy with children in a homelessness prevention program, and designing and facilitating a support group for children affected by an adult in their lives with a chronic or terminal illness. I am a natural leader, and people respond well to my energy.

This community IS for you if:

  • You are a fully licensed clinician and not

    under any type of clinical supervision

  • You love collaborating with other clinicians

  • You are happy to give as much as you


  • You desire the cohesive connection that

    comes with sharing your work with others

  • You want/need peer consultation but don’t

    have the time, resources or interest in

    creating and running your own group

  • You are open to receiving constructive

    feedback and suggestions from group

    members you will grow to trust and


  • You are willing to prioritize your twice

    monthly meetings and be present for your


This community IS NOT for you if:

  • You don’t play well with others

  • You get easily offended if others share an

    opposing perspective or constructive


  • You aren’t committed to showing up MOST

    of the time to the twice monthly groups

  • You are looking for supervision hours

    needed for licensure

  • You hate online meetings or are

    technology-adverse (these will be online


  • You are not fully licensed. (Anyone still

    under clinical supervision is not eligible)

  • You are not in good standing with your

    licensing board

Can I just say I am sooo thankful for my peer consultation group? I received great guidance in our meeting today, followed recommendations, and feel good about the outcome. Thank you to my great group members! Jeanene, I’m so glad you started running these groups!

Natalie Beutal, LPC


ACT NOW! Enrollment for this round is only open until midnight on Thursday,

September 24th or until all spaces are filled.


-Choose the monthly payment plan for $227/month (6 month minimum)

-Choose the savings plan and pay for 6 months up front for $1347


When does enrollment open?

Enrollment is open now until September 24th at midnight.

Q Are there payment options for the membership?

You will be paying for a 6 month (minimum) program. This price will be locked in forever, as long as you remain a current group member. There are two ways to pay:

1. You can select the payment plan. You will be charged monthly for 6 months which includes 2 sessions/month. After your 6 month commitment, you will continue to be charged monthly until you cancel your membership.

2.  You can select the savings payment. You will  pay for the whole 6 months upfront and save money with this option. After your 6 month commitment, you will be charged monthly until you cancel your membership or you can request another 6 month payment be charged.

Q When and where do these meetings occur?

You will be given options for group days and times when you join. Currently, meetings are held on  Wednesdays at 11:00 am ET and Thursdays at 4:00 pm ET. Part of your registration will include options for a few other slots which may possibly be added. All sessions are held via Zoom through Secure Video’s HIPAA-compliant platform.

Q Do I have to already have a private practice to join?

Absolutely not! There are members who work for a group practice but do not get the support they need and desire. There are members who are just starting their private practice and are finding value in getting business tips, info about marketing, learning how to manage client issues such as no-show fees, and other aspects of their practice. As long as you are a licensed clinician, you are welcome to join. If you would like to ask specific questions about how you can benefit from Oasis groups, please email Jeanene and we’ll set up a chat.

Q What will be the make up of clinicians?

They will be fully licensed, master’s level clinicians. Your group will be curated for you after our consultation to learn about you, and your needs and desires. Most of the groups consist of newer and seasoned clinicians which creates an environment that is rich in energy, theoretical perspective and treatment modality. Having feedback from different orientations can reveal aspects of a case you may not have considered.

Q What states do you cover?

All the states! Because these are peer consultation groups and not clinical supervision, it does not matter which state(s) you are licensed in to join an Oasis group.

Q Do you offer any discounts for newly licensed members?

Yes! For the first year after receiving your license, you are eligible for a reduce monthly fee. Please contact Jeanene to get the details.

Q What happens after I join?

Once you purchase your membership, you will receive a welcome email with further instructions. This will include signing a group consent form, verifying your license, setting up a time to chat with Jeanene about your group preferences, and asking any questions you may have. If you do not receive an email, or have other questions, please contact me at jwolfelcsw@gmail or (757) 515-2693.

Q What if I don’t like my group?

I will put you in a group based on our consultation. Since these are closed groups, there will not be an opportunity to try out another group. Your peers will be counting on you to work together for a minimum of 6 months. If there are issues, I will make every effort to help the group work well for each member. Due to the nature of the membership, refunds will not be available but we will work together to find a solution which may include giving you a credit towards a one-time membership transfer in the next round of group memberships.

I've had one group consultation so far and I really enjoyed it. I move very often and being an online therapist along with all the moving has left me without a good network of therapists that I can reach out to in an official capacity. I had the opportunity to get some feedback during last week's consultation and group and it helped me explore things that I hadn't thought about. I'm already starting to prepare a list of questions to ask in the next consultation group. 
I was reflecting on having to do consultation groups in my agency work in my earlier years and I remember not enjoying it all. Most of the therapists were there just because we had to and usually were writing notes or looking at our agendas during consultation. The PCGT feels very different, its therapist that want to be there, that want and give support to each other. 
I look forward to having the opportunity to continue to connect with colleagues.
Thanks Jeanene!
Eunice Estrada, LMFT

What Makes Oasis Groups Different?

You’ve probably been in a therapists FB group and observed something like this: “I want to find some colleagues to consult with, anyone want to join me in some peer consultation?” This is usually followed by many, many, many comments which include “Sign me up! Here’s my email address”. I love to see therapists taking the initiative to find peer support. I hope that the authors of those posts are able to make some connections and build a community. But here’s the thing…what type of parameters and safe-guards have they put into place to ensure all participating members are licensed therapists, that there is a consent process to protect everyone, that there are rules and expectations about how group members will interact, etc. You see my point?

Oasis PCGT groups were designed following a lot of research to determine best practices and to make sure all members can participate safely, ethically and responsibly. Fostering an environment that is safe and respectful is of the utmost importance so members can feel safe to get the support they need. Members meet with the same clinicians each group which allows that trust and respect to be established.

How do Oasis groups do that? Each new member has a personal on-boarding chat with me to make sure they will be a good fit for group work. I verify their license, check their photo ID, have them sign a consent form, and make sure everyone is aware of the group rules. We also have a chat about the group culture – which is come with a perspective of benevolence with the goal of supporting each other and growing together both clinically and as business owners. I also facilitate each group to make sure time is being divided fairly with emergent case consults getting top priority, to track time, and moderate if necessary during any discussions. I provide a secure platform with everything setup so you only need to show up and participate.

Another aspect of Oasis groups is the cultivation of a wrap-around community. I share contact info for each member with their group and encourage outside of group contact and connection. Sometimes, after a hard day, you need to be able to reach out to a colleague who can support you and cheer you on. Additionally, there is a private FB group where members of all of the groups can interact, ask questions, network and still feel safe.

Lastly, Oasis groups welcome ALL fully licensed mental health clinicians. I am committed to providing a  community that embraces diversity, equality and inclusion. I am also committed to continuing work on my own awareness of systemic racism, oppression and cultural humility. To this end, I am participating in several trainings specific to therapists and those who supervise groups. This will be an ongoing commitment so I can participate and lead groups that are safe for everyone.



Clinical Support Through Curated Groups


Are you looking for more personal peer interaction in your private practice work? With generous, non-judgmental therapists who want to help each other grow personally and professionally? Therapists who desire to nurture their work/life balance with confidence and connection so they can care for themselves the way they care for their clients? Then you’ve come to the right place!

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Virtual Open House

Ready to Join?

Once you join, the price will be locked in forever as long as you maintain an active membership.


Having recently begun to do telehealth counseling, being a part of PCGT was very helpful and insightful. Mrs. Jeanene’s PCGT meetings were a good place to get clinical feedback, peer support, and brush up on my clinical skills.  She helps create a professional and safe space to be able to share your thoughts and opinions and has a lot of experience that she can share to help you grow.  I felt comfortable enough to ask questions about my new world of telehealth and most importantly, everyone in the group was heard and actively participated.  I’d recommend giving PCGT a try and be a part of it.

Sandra Contreras, LPC

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